terms & conditions

Terms and conditions – The Salon Leeds / LAFHAB

  1. Data Protection & Client Registration
    All new clients will be required to complete a treatment card following a consultation or prior to any service.  We can confirm that personal details are stored securely and used in line with the Data Protection Act, and are not passed onto any third parties.  All clients must register (and book) in their correct legal name, and notify us of changes (eg by marriage) so that we can maintain accurate and up-to-date records as legally required.

  2. Skin & Allergy testing
    All Clients must have a skin allergy test at least 48 hours prior to any chemical service and within the last 6 months; this will be recorded on your Client card which is securely stored in the salon. Clients are not allowed to bring their own products except where such products are medically prescribed, for which supporting documentation would need to be provided. Clients are advised that we cannot test for reactions to bleach products as no such test exists and everyone has differing tolerance of bleach; where such products are used the client MUST inform a member of staff in the event of any adverse reaction or major discomfort.
  3. Client Age Restrictions
    We have a policy of a minimum age:
    a) minimum 16 for all services with a  trainee
    b) minimum 16 for all colour/chemical services

  4. Appointments with students
    All Clients should be aware that the Assessor/Tutor or supervising staff member has the right to:
    a) Decide on the appropriate service to be offered in relation to the client’s requirements and the student’s abilities
    b) Decide or change the method by which the service is carried out
    c) Refuse admission to clients who are over 15 mins late for appointments
    d) Decline services where the Client’s requirements exceed the level or capability of the student working towards the Level 2 NVQ qualification
    e) Decline services where the Customer has not had a consultation or skin test as required

  5. Availability of Services
    All services are offered subject to availability of staff/students.  In the case of students, this can vary as the academy offers flexible attendance.  Occasionally appointments may be subject to delays or cancellation, in these circumstances we will always try our very best to notify you as soon as possible, sometimes we may offer services with a Stylist (appropriate prices apply), or reschedule upon arrival.

  6. Late cancellation & No-Show Fees
    By booking online, clients agree to our Fair Policy, where fees will apply as follows:
    Cancellation less than 24 hours before appointment: 10% of the booked service price
    No show (Client does not arrive and did not cancel): 30% of the booked service price.
    These fees are not refunded or credited against future services.

  7. Refunds
    On completion of service we always check that the service provided and we confirm satisfaction by the client, particularly with Students.  Partial refunds may be provided at the Salon Manager’s discretion for Stylist services only but are NOT provided for ANY client service with a Student under any circumstances.

    We respectfully ask that our clients remember that in the case of services with students, services may often take longer, and require some supervision or occasionally some correction.  We ask that when having services with Students, Clients do not ask for complex services, or do anything that puts the student under pressure.  Customers who may have specific needs are encouraged to book with Stylists and not Students.